Wednesday, May 11, 2011

head above water...

So I suppose I haven't posted in so long, due to an abundance to say and a lack of time to say it. I will fallow this up with a longer post which will give me the opportunity to share the splendors of the way Christ is empowering me to pick up my cross each day and seek His glorious face. Yet for now, I would simply like to ask of you, your prayers. Someone wise once said that prayer moves the hand that moves the world, and I believe that. Today was a very hard day for me emotionally. A dear friend of mine, who lives on my hall, in the dorms at school attempted to commit suicide. Luckily the Lord was watching over him and our Resident Director was able to intercept him and stop him from going through with it. This came as a great surprise to me as well as the other guys on my floor seeing as this young man is like a brother to us. He is now doing much better and has been transferred from Biola into protective services for a while. I would just like to ask you all to please lift this man's heart up in prayer, since he is going through a period of great sorrow and embarrassment. Pray that Christ would truly comfort him and that he would feel the deep love of the Father, throughout this unimaginably rough season of his life. I'd also like to ask for your prayers for me as well. Though I feel a bit selfish doing so, I am very stressed. I have numerous papers to complete, presentations to give as well as 4 major finals to prepare for as well as attempt to nail down a job of some sort for the summer; all on top of attempting to love on my brother who needs his friends to surround him in love. Thank you so much. I love you all and I am so thankful to be able to have a place, such as this blog to be able to spill my guts when times are tough. Thanks for caring. Also if any of you know of any job opportunities I would be so thankful to hear from you. I just need a job for the summer and I would love that to be related to ministry, although I recognize that wherever the Lord places me I will be sharing the Gospel openly anyway. haha Thanks again. Peace and Blessings.


  1. whoa this is heavy. I will be praying for him, the guys on your hall, and for you. God wants to use you in this time to share His love and comfort to your friend. I'm sorry you are so stressed, this is that time for sure, but pull though, only a couple more weeks! I hope, besides the stress, you are doing so well, I feel like I haven't caught up with you in so long! love.

  2. Lifting up prayers for you, your brothers on the hall, and the RD. I can't imagine going through this, but I pray that the man feels comforted, loved, understood, and if he needs forgiveness, forgiven. May you all come alongside him and be what he needs.

    As far as a job this summer goes I think working with Bayley is a bad idea. I feel that you would be having food fights most every day & the customers might be a bit perturbed like the one from her story on Friday. Just a thought ;)

    lol. Have a grrrreeeat day Nick.

  3. I am praying for your friends in this hard time. And for you! Of course I will be praying for you and its definitely not selfish. We are here together to support each other and walk along in life together. How can we do that without knowing your struggles?

    Also, so amazing spending time with you last night. You are awesome!

  4. dang.
    I'm praying for you brother.
    *rhythm & time management.
    You'll get through it well.

  5. I"m praying for you also Nick and for your friend. It sounds like you have a lot going on and I love that you realize that you need prayer and you aren't afraid to ask. I pray that God will be your strength and peace, that He will use you to minister to your friend but also pour into you and fill you up. I also pray that God will give you rest and refresh you during this time.

  6. A little late on this post, but how is he doing now? Hopefully better? Or maybe you blogged already about him... Well if you did I will get to it today lol.