Monday, February 28, 2011

Starbs Story...

I saw a young man in Starbucks today. He couldn't have been a day older than 26. He had three very young daughters. I prayed for him.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A change of terms

So, you may or may not have reccognized that the very title of my blog has changed. Recently the Lord has been speking to my heart through and about "the story." I'm now reccognizing that there is no worldview apart from the story. God desires for us to know and share His story, his narrative, which is still in motion. We are all most simply alive to do 3 things. Be known by our God, know our God, and make our God known. We do so most effectively through the story. Your place in ministry is at it's core your stage to proclaim His story. Your business, your brush, your hands, your pen, your lens are to be tools to declare Christ's meta-narrative. What He has done, what He is doing, what is coming to be. So, with that being said; can I tell you a story?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Recently I've been struggling to fathom how it is the Christ can and will forgive me of my numerous short comings. I just don't want to let Him down i suupose. I've also recently, after having a rad discussion with my roommate, recognized that for me, Christ has been mere book ends to my days. I begin my day by thanking Jesus for the new day(out of some sense of obligation) and I end my day by humbly asking Him to blot out my plethora of transgressions(in order to clean my "sin slate!"). No interactions in simple moments. No seeking Him out throughout the day. I really want to know Him more you know? I'd really like to talk with Him about the little or big things throughout the course of my days. Through grace I've come to an understaning of the eternal truth that Christ is Lord at a young age; and I guess I'd just really like to take advantage of it for Christ's Glory! I'd like to begin eternity now. Ushering in the kingdom through the spirit; using the time I've been blessed with wisely. Again, I'd really like to not let Him down for lack of a better phrase. I'd love to be on my death bed simply ecstatic at the ideal that my already preexisting relationship with Christ will momentarily be made more realistic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it is finished

Recently I have found myself pondering what it is that Christ can do for me, until this morning when I came to the realization that He has already done everything for me(on the cross).

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm beginning to realize if one were to live out Christianity flawlessly, they would probably wind up on a cross. Persecution is just part of the plan. It's part of the perfect plan. It's part of the sacrifice; His perfect sacrifice.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last night as I was falling asleep(listening to disintegration loops on my iPod) I began to reminisce about my travels. I thought about the differences between the many nations and peoples of the world. Then, oddly enough, my mind wandered and I attempted to identify a single thing which all men agree upon. It took a while, but after some thinking I came to the conclusion that it was "currency." The universal ideal that things cost. You see whether you are Egyptian or Chinese, Jewish or Muslim, sane or mad, you are culturally forced to recognize that in order to obtain a service or product their will be a cost of sorts. I found that all men have agreed that things cost. What they have unfortunately failed to agree upon is that "they cost." That a payment for their transgressions was necessary. Man is divided due to their incapability to recognize that not only was the Cross needed, but it was primarily needed for them. The Cross was a transaction. A payment for sins. A payment for their sins. A payment for our sins. A payment for my sins. We were purchased at a cost.

Monday, February 7, 2011

head above water...

Since Saturday night I have felt that the Lord has, for some time now, been attempting to remind me to remind others. Of His love. Of His grace. That He is there and willing to save. I had forgotten to build remembrances for myself along the way. I now see that without them, I am incapable of distinguishing clearly those valleys which Christ has protected me through as well as those mountains in which He has empowered me to clime. Without images, memories and relationships of remembrance I not only forget where I'm going, but I grow unaware of that which I came. I oddly felt as though for the first time, the Lord is beginning to show what it is that I am good at; through revealing to me which things I adore and how they coincide with my spiritual gifts. Through a great deal of prayer and confusion I have come to the rather unexpected conclusion that the Lord desires for me to develop some practical skills for His glory. For too long now I have romanticized pastoral ministry(not to say that it isn't the best thing ever, for it may very well be; for those who have been called by God; to which I may or may not be) and made it the only option for myself; somehow feeling as though I would be a lesser believer if I don't one day end up as a preacher. I know this to be foolish thinking although it is a rather difficult mindset to shake when your entire academic existence is wrapped around studying scripture. Lately I simply feel as though the Lord is saying: "Nick, pursue what you love and do it to the best of your ability for My glory." Oddly enough I am currently praying to further hone my skills in the field of photography. I have no clue what this might look like, but I have a passion for photo, a deep desire to learn and I am in dire need for an avenue to practically share the Gospel. Please be praying that I could come up with some cash for a good Camera. I know that is a rather trivial prayer request(in view of the condition of the majority of the world) but I'm really trusting in the Lord to provide, seeing as it is He who has placed this desire upon my heart. I've got nothing really figured out these days, and somehow I wouldn't have it any other way. I suppose I'm perfectly fine with keeping Christ on the throne.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

biblical studies...

This first week back at school has been quite an interesting one; and it's only wednesday. I suppose re-entry into the collegiate realm is always a bit challenging. I guess I'm still in a fog of sorts. My break was long, fun filled, and stacked with spontaneous adventure. I was able to do a ton of leisure reading as well as practical ministry(simplistic conversations in starbucks). I'm finding it rather challenging to simply sling myself back into the world of deponent Greek verbs, hermeneutics, jokes about Elijah and discussions regarding hyper Calvinism. To be honest, lately, I just don't care much about those things. I want to just talk to people, where they're at, what they love, what they hate. I want to have genuine, God glorifying interactions. I am more than blessed to be receiving the education which I am daily taking part in, but somehow I just wish the Bible could stay simple. Like "Jesus loves me this I know, because the Bible tells me so" type simple. I'm sure I'll soon grow acclimated to the Bible Major lifestyle; although I pray that the Word would not become a mere text. For what would it all be worth if I comprehended every thematic element of scripture and my heart remained hard to its words of compassion, love and grace? 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the scene where he shows his dog around his apartment killed me!