Monday, February 28, 2011

Starbs Story...

I saw a young man in Starbucks today. He couldn't have been a day older than 26. He had three very young daughters. I prayed for him.


  1. of course i don't know what this guy's situation is, but a friend of mine chose to be a single dad and raise his child. every time i see him (which is pretty rare) my heart swells up in this completely gratitude for his decision. he's choosing to be involved with his child in a way that many father's don't. i hope the young man you prayed for is on a similar path of fatherhood.

    PS starbs.

  2. love this, we all need to pray more.

  3. Thanks guys. He was definitely married. I simply prayed for him because I can't even imagine the sort of responsibility it must be to father 3 little girls like that. I tip my hat to him.