Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the essentials

Hi, my name is Nick Chiurazzi and I am a 37 and a half year old gymnast by day, jeweler by night. I enjoy an activity filled lifestyle, many of which are: yoga, slack lining, cutting diamonds, sub-water acrobatics and lastly 47 exhilarating minutes on my in-home elliptical which I use biweekly. Just kidding, Juuusssttt kidddiiinnggg, my name really is Nick Chiurazzi, but I'm only 20 years old and a full time student at Biola University. I'm currently a sophomore, Biblical Studies major praying to one day go into some form of full time ministry; wherever the good Lord leads I suppose. I am also a full time follower of Jesus Christ, and experiencing new joys each minute I spend in daily prayer, fellowship and Bible reading. My real interests unfortunately do not incorporate slack lining or yoga but rather reading, hanging with pals, going to the beach, seeing films and listening to music. While I am on the topic of music, my 3 most listened to bands recently have been the cure, blink 182 and taking back Sunday. Way 90's I know, but that's my steez. I am truly thrilled to have the unique opportunity to be a part of the Circle's Discipleship Program. I know that this group will supply me with the spiritual discipleship that I am so desperately in need of, while also empowering me to properly disciple younger brothers in Christ. I cannot wait to see where the Holy Spirit leads us as a group over the next several months. I consider it pure joy to have the opportunity to be able to learn alongside of other "20 somethings" for the glory of Jesus Christ. If you are also in "Circles" I look forward to fellowshipping as well as growing and getting to know you better as we enter into this next season of our lives. Thanks for reading a bit about who I am. May God bless you and your family. Later.



  1. using the word steez is totally my steez. stoked on circles.

  2. Even though your premier identity of the gymnast/jeweler dichotomy is quite intriguing, perhaps the true Nick is more fit for the circular nature of discipleship. May we slowly walk the circumference of faith, joy, growth and freedom in search of a greater sense of Christ and his vast love for us! Looking forward to a fun-filled, worship-centered 8 months!

  3. I gotta be honest. I was a little disappointed to hear the truth about your non-existent life as a gymnast. Because I really WAS a gymnast and that is close to my heart!! Haha :) it was refreshing to hear your heart and passion for ministry an your desire to serve him full time in that way. Do you happen to know a Michael Cunningham at Biola? He is a freshman who is also majoring in Biblical Studies.