Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who needs it?

Just deleted my facebook! Never thought I'd see the day. I'm now a free man. A Lone Wolf of sorts. In my heart of hearts, facebook had simply become a place about promoting myself. It was my personal billboard, which I used to "sell" how chill Nick Chiurazzi was to the rest of the world. It was simply public school on a screen haha. I was recently reading and reflecting on John 3:30 which reads: "He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less." I simply came to the conclusion that this task would be considerably more difficult to achieve when I was solely using facebook as a forum to become greater and greater. Yeah, I would post scripture like it was nobodies business, but it was so that others would see me as holy. Sure, I quoted the best on the reg! You name it, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oswald Chambers, Charles Spurgeon, G.K. Chesterton, Augustine, I've readem' all. And yet somehow, I hadn't allowed their kindred spirits and written words of wisdom transform my heart. I needed to be posting these things so that others came to know the truth, not that others came to know that I knew the truth; if that even makes any sense. I pray that now, free of facebook, I will spend more time in the Lord's love letter to me. I pray that all the time I would have been typing away trying to come up with the pithiest response, I will now be using to scour my Bible for passages of humility. I already feel the Lord at work in my heart. Drawing me back to my first love. Stripping me of my plethora of distractions one at a time. Sanctification sure ain't easy, but it is so, so needed. Especially for me. I hope this resinates with someone. It is always such a blessing when one shares their heart and another can relate. P.S. It was really rad having lunch with everyone at Rock Harbor today. It felt like a family luncheon. A family that doesn't quite know each other, yet a family nonetheless. God Speed.    


  1. wow thats crazy! This reminds me of how people give facebook up around Easter time and the stories I have heard. Great stuff. It's rad that you could give up something like this and that you have realized the impact it was having in you. There always is that constant struggle of what we want others to perceive about us and I am glad that you have taken a step to remedying what you have let facebook become.

  2. Good for you! I've never deleted my facebook but I go camping 2 weeks during the summer and I LOVE not having to worry about anything and nothing but nature and my family as my friends. Its refreshing and eye opening to see how connected you become with God. I am excited for you!

  3. Big Change = Bold Move. I know I feel convicted to reflect on my life and where I might be doing the same thing. It's great to hear the places where God is rooting around in your life.

  4. My and I are one in the same haha. Brother, I by no means want to sound like a broken record and keep agreeing with you purely out of a friendly thing to do or anything of that sort. However, I agree with this post and felt my heart being pushed further into my chest with every sentence I read. I love that feeling. The sweet feeling of conviction, my friend. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this was to read. Sometimes I feel like the only one. Isn't it funny how we can be surrounded by so many, yet we wear the cool-costume in hopes it will give off the "yeah, I got it together :)" vibe? Craziness. I firmly believe that facebook, for me, was also a place for me to place my accomplishments, wit, chill-ness, etc. I guess it was in hopes that I would be affirmed by my others who really, in reality, will fail me and could give two hoots about my artsy mobile uploads or status updates. Who was I trying to impress? And why?... This past couple months has been digging at this subject for me and has allowed me to realize how much of a little boy wearing grown up man's clothes I have been. I depend too much on the people and things of this world to tell me my name...the name my Father gave me. I pray we can be men that rejoice in these times of revelation and big change! I pray that we can allow the Author of our lives to write His name on our hearts day after day and for that to be enough. He is enough...Oh how I have missed this. Thank You, Jesus. Even now, tears begin to well up at the comfort and peace He's givin' me. Thanks for this buddy:) <3

    P.S. what answer did you choose for your reason leaving? haha
    I love the "Billy will miss you", "Jake will miss you", "Shaun Bobby will miss you" with their pictures below and then you realize you don't know a Shaun Bobby and that they will not miss you haha

    Peace and Blessings

    P.S.S. Happy BDAY!!! WOO!

  5. Wow. I want to hear how this's something I've actually been thinking about a LOT lately...what Facebook does to my mind and heart at times. Excited to hear more!

  6. Such a bold move Nick! And a great reminder for us all to think about our priorities, check our motives, and always keep God in the forefront.

  7. -Blair: thanks for the encouraging comment, I would adore discussing this further with you.

    - Charity: thanks a ton for your kind words! It really is quite liberating.

    - My main man Brando: Dude thanks soo much for your incite and ability to relate. Your comment really reminded me of this old CS LEWIS quote which reads: "friendships are born when one man looks at another and says 'you too?'" Your encouraging thoughts were so uplifting, but what I was blessed by most was when you simply said "me too." It is always an amazing moment in one's heart when they come to the realization that they are no longer doing life alone. I am so stoked to call you friend and I count it pure joy to have you as a fellow brother in Christ. Much love!
    P.S. I simply put "other" on my reason to leave. It was actually a rather funny moment. I recall choosing the "facebook isn't useful" choice and then unchoosing it and selecting "other"; for no other reason than to just stick it to Mark Zukerburg! Haha

  8. Wow! Good for you! That's really all I can think of to say. But I think that the simple conclusion you brought me to is actually rather profound. I'm just kind of in awe and maybe even some envy on how you're making steps to reprioritize your life...or social network life or whatever. So good for you! That is really inspiring!