Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-bed humor...

ok, so what is with these computer automated, verification words? You know, the less than intelligent words your computer asks you to spell in order to verify that you have a friggan brain. I just posted a comment on a fellow circle slice's blog and my Mac, out of utter ignorance, asked me to spell "heptarzk." I mean, really? Why not something noraml? Like "cat" or "poop" or "cat poop?" Why "heptarzk?" I suppose computers are incapable of spelling anything normal. Yeah, that must be it. It must really take an intelligent, successful life source to properly replicate "heptarzk" in wavy lettering. What is the world coming to? A man can barely post a single word these  days without having his intelligence questioned by such queer shapes as "heptarzk!" All is lost. Good night! ;)


  1. wait, this is really great. i feel the same way.

  2. Wow. When I opened this page I literally thought that I was going to have to type in " bjdpqirv" into that little box. And I'm sure I'll have to type in something equally fun in a moment...

  3. Umm..they appear are perfectly normal words to me. Can't you pronounce them?? "bjdpqirv," see?